Tuition reimbursement: How do you convince the company you’re worth the investment?

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Question: “Our company has a tuition reimbursement program and I've inquired about taking advantage of that little-used benefit.  (I'm currently an executive secretary with 10-plus years’ experience, and I'm ready to finally get my degree.) My managers have requested a "marketing package" to sell them on it.  (I work in the corporate executive offices, and I plan to work toward a BS degree in business administration.) How should I market myself and what should I include?” — KNL



I think one great thing to do is present a SWOT analysis on your self. Outline things that pertain to an increased education and the value-add to the company. Also, I would recommend gathering information specific to annual tuition costs, the degree plan you intend to pursue, and remember to include details on the business courses that make up that specific degree plan. Prese...(register to read more)

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