Moving to a four-day workweek: How do administrative assistants convince the boss to include them too?

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Question: “Our boss is contemplating moving to a four-day workweek to combat the higher gas prices. However, she doesn’t plan to include the administrative staff in this move.  We have a total staff of only six, two being administrative staff, so we could shift our schedules to have an administrative person in the office all five days.  Any advice on what I could say to her?” — Lyndsey Bell


Just like you asked this question, give her resonable options and see if she agrees that might work, you may want to throw in a "if it isn't working we all agree to work it out even if that means working 5 days again". Makes her feel she has that option, adding confidence to even try.

I might say, "Have you ever considered adding "Ann's" and my schedule to the four-day-week plan? We were tal...(register to read more)

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