Are administrative rankings based on your boss’s title vs. your skills equitable?

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Question: “My company has just launched a ‘Career Ladder’ with various tracks and role profiles. The administrative track is the only one in which the levels are related to the status of the boss. In other words, you can be an Executive Assistant only if you support a President. As I was hired as an executive assistant, but support two senior vice presidents, effectively I am being demoted.  Does anyone else have a similar experience with Career Ladders and/or administrative rankings based on whom you support rather than your skills?” — Julie Thomas


My company ranks administrative assistants based on the title of their boss. I was an executive assistant but when the company removed the COO role, my CFO executive was given to his admin (Sr. Executive Assistant) for support, thus eliminating my executive assistant role. I was given other people to support and "...(register to read more)

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