Does your company pay out accrued sick leave at termination?

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Question: “I work for an engineering/environmental consulting firm. We currently have accrual limits for vacation and sick leave. Employees accrue six days of sick leave per year, and the limit is 240 hours (one month). At no time shall the total accrued vacation time exceed two times the employee’s annual vacation benefit. We do pay out half of accrued sick leave hours at the time an employee terminates. I am interested in hearing how other firms handle vacation and sick leave accruals, and if accrued sick leave hours are paid out at termination.” — Peggy


Our company only pays out vacation time at termination. We have a cap of 240 hours as well for the accrual of sick time, but this is not paid out at termination.

We pay out only vacation time, no sick time upon termination. ...(register to read more)

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