Any out-of-the-ordinary benefits we can offer employees?

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Question: “Does anybody offer employees a broad range of fringe benefits beyond the standard ones most companies offer, especially in light of the current economy? Our boss can’t really give us raises, but he would like to offer additional benefits that could be used by all employees. Is anyone aware of any benefits we could offer, (gas, groceries, etc)?” — Lyndsey Bell


Our company offers free bus passes for employees and is going offer a free lunch ticket to the first 100 people to car pool on a certain day. In our specific department, we present awards quarterly based on customer service (we nominate each other) in three categories. You can get one $5 value item (massage certificate, lunch ticket, movie ticket, gift shop certificate) per category. In the past we had a quarterly "innovation award" that was presented to one employee, with a $25 chamber gift ...(register to read more)

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