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How does an experienced worker fight off age discrimination?

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Question: “I am an Administrative Assistant with more than 15 years’ experience working for an Assistant VP, an Executive Director, an Engineering Manager and a Director of Marketing. I was also responsible for their staff and assisting other departments when needed. Our company has gone through two buyouts in less than a year and the reorganization leaves me without a job unless an opening becomes available. I have applied for two administrative positions over the past nine months. I was not notified whether or not I was being considered. I’m not getting responses to résumés sent outside the organization either. My skills are up-to-date. The rumor is that the new CEO does not want anyone over a particular age in this company. Unfortunately, I fall in the age category mentioned. I know this is age discrimination that I cannot prove, so how do I get noticed and stay marketable?” —Sheilah Trigg


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