What’s the best way to liven up boring meetings?

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Question: "I am the Chairman of our Safety Committee, which meets once a month.  But no one cares what is going on.  We decided to do a potluck meal last month, but once everyone finished eating, it was back to the same boring routine. No one ever seems to have any input, knowledge or enthusiasm to offer at the meetings.  How can I make our meetings more fun and exciting and get our members to participate more in our discussions?” — Keliiokalani A. Tauiliili


Have you thought about doing quarterly meetings instead of monntly meetings? Sometimes no one participates because there is nothing new to say from the previous month. By going to a quarterly or even bi-yearly meeting this would afford everyone some time to see what is new, voice concerns, come up with ideals etc. and you could always call an emergency meeting if the situation arises. How is your agenda w...(register to read more)

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