What can I do to spice up my job and keep it from becoming boring?

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Question: “I have been at my present job more than nine years. The work I do is very routine and getting boring. What can I do to make my job more interesting?” — Anonymous


A few suggestions:
-Are there any new responsibilities you can take on?
-Try to find a seminar or two to attend.
-There are also lots of webcasts out there.
-Create new, but useful work for yourself. When I am bored or have down-time, I work on my "what-if-I-got-hit-by-a-bus-tomorrow" manual of how to do my job. This will give you a new perspective on how mundane your job is or isn't. Plus, it could gain you brownie points with your boss.
-Learn new things about your company. It may give you a new motivation to get those boring things done. For example, I work for a mechanical construction company, but I'm administrative AND in the corporate office, so I have zero involvement in what ...(register to read more)

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