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Are adoption benefits part of a standard benefits package?

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Question: “I’m interested in learning if other companies offer adoption benefits, and if so, what benefits they offer?” — Joan Frieden


Such as?? I do know, if this is what you are asking, that as far as maternity leave the wife and the husband are permitted to take maternity leave for children they carried OR adpoted. The same benefit for both. I am 99% sure that is the law here in Massachusetts. I would search in the web for leave of absense due to adoption and childbirth to find out what the labor laws are where you are from I bet they are similar.

Joan - The company I work for currently offers the same benefits to adopting parents as they do for individuals having children. It includes the same time off - same paid benefits, etc... but in this case - instead of the prenata...(register to read more)

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