How do I get the guys to treat me as part of the team?

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Question: “I work in an office with all men.  My boss is wonderful except he forgets that I am part of the team too. Recently, he gave all the guys a hooded sweatshirt with the company logo on it and failed to give me one. I don't want to sound selfish, but I would like to have one like the rest of the office. What is the best way to handle this situation with the boss without sounding greedy?” — A team member too


Deja vu! This same question was asked in May...word for word, I believe.

I went back & checked my past e-mails & it is the same question, word for word. I thought it sounded familiar when I read it.

I would be honest and tell him you'd like to have a sweatshirt, and that you are a part of the team too. Maybe he just never thought of it th...(register to read more)

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