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How should I tactfully ask visitors to sign in and wear a badge?

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Question: “I am the receptionist for a large assisted living facility.  Visitors must sign in at the reception desk and then wear a visitor badge.  People do not like this and have told me it’s none of my business who they are or why they want to visit. I explain that it is for the visitor’s safety as well as that of our residents. Any ideas or suggestions how best to handle this?” — Gwen O’Brien


Our receptionist experiences this type of response as well... company policy states that if a visitor does not show government issued ID and sign in, they are not allowed in our building. Once she explains that to the visitor, they sigh loudly, go back outside to retrieve their ID and comply with our policy.

Have signage created that tells visitors what is expected of them. Have the rest of the employees (the ones they...(register to read more)

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