Is one bad apple poisoning your team?

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Question: “We have an employee who lies about her time, doesn't do all her work, complains about co-workers and tries to change policy for her benefit. The administrator ignores all of our complaints.  How can we handle this difficult employee?” — Anonymous


It appears that administration is willing for this employee to continue this behavior. That being the case, do your job effectively, professionally and productively and eventually the offender will trip up and action will have to be taken. We can only be responsible for our jobs and our sphere of influence. So be it. I know this causes morale issues, but the rest of the staff needs to stand together and perform their duties correctly. Good Luck!

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Anonymous May 15, 2010 at 4:51 pm

Sorry, that ignore it and do your best theory does not always work. Especially when that bad apple is permanently attached to the manager’s ****** and wraps herself in a saintly, angelic camaflauge. It DOES directly effect you no matter how much you try to avoid / ignore it. Especially when the bad apple is also a liar snitch as well, and intentionally getting innocent people into trouble because of it. This pattern of behavior is self serving: getting others into trouble diverts the attention away from her own negative qualities.


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