How do you schedule different people, in different countries on different schedules?

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Question: “I have been tasked with finding scheduling software for our company.  Sounds easy but I need software that will allow us to schedule different people, in different countries, on different schedules.  We need to schedule it so we know who can work in what country and what skill sets they have .The shifts are 12 – 21 days (varies by country) and we’d like to prepare reports so that we know who has worked where and for how long and, how much time off they have had (to meet individual country requirements).  In my dream world, it would also alert us when we have double scheduled or when we have a mismatched pair or have missed a scheduling slot. Since this isn’t your normal work week scheduling I haven’t found a software package that will allow us to track everything we need.  Has anyone found a software package that might work for us?” — Pam Cashwell

Maybe you should look into companies that create these programs and see if they will create something just for your company. Another option would be to hire someone, or a contractor/consultant, to develop what you need for the company. I doubt you will find what you need without having to 'tweak' the program for your needs anyway.

Posted by: Liza | September 05, 2008 at 01:53 PM

I agree with Liza in that it sounds like you might have to hire a programmer to write this program for you. But perhaps you can strike a deal in that if he/she writes the program for a discounted price, you will allow them to sell the program to others.

Posted by: Mark | September 05, 2008 at 06:19 PM

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