How do you help a divorcing co-worker with job performance issues?

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Question: “We have an employee who has been going through a difficult divorce for the past year and a half. Lately, she has been making more and more mistakes and it seems she needs training on things we all should know and that she once knew. She seems overly sensitive to basic constructive criticism and is beginning to play a bit of the blame game. I think she needs a vacation, but she refuses to take one. Any suggestions on how to get her through this divorce without sacrificing job performance? Or is there such thing as a “mandatory” vacation?” Jocelyn


How about a memo from her boss or from HR letting her know that they understand she is going through a difficult period in her life but life goes on and that she needs to move on. Trust me, once she feels she can be "fired" or her job performance is in jeopardy, she'll shake herself up a little bit and will come back to reality. If ...(register to read more)

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