Members of protected group flunk job test? Make sure bosses aren’t manipulating system

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If your pool of qualified applicants is demographically significantly different than your hires, there may be trouble afoot. Don’t count on pre-­employment job tests to automatically create fair hiring.

When applicants have to meet minimum requirements to be considered for hiring, chances are that any subsequent tests (or pre-employment training) won’t tip off any kind of bias against members of a particular racial, sexual or other protected class.

But if a quick internal audit shows that particular departments or managers have considered but not hired members of a protected class, you may want to look at whether the testing is being handled properly. You may have a rogue manager who doesn’t want to hire qualified individuals who belong to a particular protected class.

So while HR is recruiting qualified individuals, the manager may be sabotaging those efforts by making it hard or even impossible to make the jump from a job ...(register to read more)

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