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Boss nagging employee about FMLA leave? Prepare for lawsuit

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in FMLA Guidelines,HR Management,Management Training

Short staffing makes management difficult. When an employee is out on medical leave, others have to pick up the slack. Still, remind supervisors that they can’t push employees who are out on FMLA leave to perform work while on leave. They also can’t ask employees to return early from FMLA leave. Either one is just asking for legal trouble.

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janice tyree March 9, 2014 at 9:16 pm

I am on an intermittent FMLA. My problem is when I go back after missing a day or two the Asst. mgr. tells me you’ve miss x # of days. Did you get with Cindy in personnel to make sure it is listed as FMLA. This would be okay except I already have to call two different numbers when I am out, the walmart number and the Sedgwick Disability claims line with two confirmation numbers. I feel that since it is listed in the system as FMLA when I ask personnel, he is just harassing me by speaking to me in front of other employees about this when I call the numbers they gave me. If someone is not doing their job, it’s not me. I call both numbers and get confirmation numbers for both and I am really tired of him coming to me saying he is not going to write me up but I need to get with Cindy. I take that as a threat.


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