Offer reasonable ADA accommodations–but you don’t have to provide full-time helper

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It can be devastating when an employee becomes severely disabled in the prime of life, especially if it’s clear the disability means she will never be able to perform her old job without substantial assistance. Well-intentioned, compassionate employers try their best to help.

But the tough question is how far they should go to accommodate the disabled employee’s restrictions. In other words, employers have to decide what is a reasonable accommodation and what is not.

Fortunately, courts provide some solid guidance.

As a rule, employers aren’t required to completely restructure a job so the disabled employee can perform its essential functions. Nor must they remove essential functions.

Recent case: Loretta Steward worked for Chrysler for years. Steward, who is black, complained that the production line on which she worked was racially segregated. Then she became disabled and was unable to complete large parts of her job as a ...(register to read more)

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