When employees foul up, feel free to tailor your response to fit the circumstances

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Employees break rules from time to time. They make mistakes occasionally. When those things happen, you have to respond.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking you must discipline or correct every employee the same way all the time. Management needs the flexibility to tailor solutions to particular problems, because every situation is different.

Fortunately, courts usually allow employers leeway—as long as employers can justify why they responded differently in different situations. For example, if you require an employee who made a mistake to retrain under supervision, but allow another to regain her edge through self-study, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are discriminating against one and favoring the other. As long as the discipline or training is within a relatively narrow range, courts won’t disturb your discretion.

Judges generally let employers manage their workforces. They’re not interested in micromanaging from t...(register to read more)

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