Preventing ‘cubical rage’: 6 ways to calm angry employees

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HR professionals and managers are at the front lines when dealing with angry employees. You typically have to deal with their raw rage.

So, how can you handle angry employees' complaints without adding more stress to your day or opening the organization to legal liability?
Use the following "Six A's" to deflect employee anger:

1. Abstain from interrupting.
Let the other person have his or her say. Eventually, the employee has to take a breath, which helps you move to the second step.

2. Agree to the extent that you can.
You don't have to agree on who's right and who's wrong, but you can agree that a problem exists or at least that the person is upset. Examples: "I can see that you're upset," "You sound angry about what's happened."

3. Acknowledge the problem.
Even if you think the person is overreacting, it's important to validate his or her perception of the situation. Show your empathy and concern by saying...(register to read more)

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