The 6 steps of ‘strategic praising’

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You're doing a good job. That's a great idea. Thanks for your extra effort.

For some employees, hearing those words is better than a cash bonus. Yet, many managers can muster up such phrases only during annual reviews ... if at all.

"The number-one reason managers don't give recognition is that they don't know how," says Bob Nelson, author of 1001 Ways to Reward Employees.

Teach supervisors how to give employee recognition. Studies show that "feeling appreciated" is a key reason employees stick around. Here are Nelson's six guidelines for effective praising:

1. Make it soon. Any recognition is good, but the best kind is given as soon as possible after the good performance. Example: When an HP software engineer told his supervisor that he fixed a software bug, the supervisor grabbed a banana from his lunch and gave it to the employee with a big "thank you." That created HP’s "Golden Banana" award.

2. Make it sincere. ...(register to read more)

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