Develop, implement and publicize policies that encourage employees to report harassment

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Here’s a big benefit to having a strong anti-harassment policy: The policy’s very existence helps protect employers against false claims.

That’s because employees won’t be able to say they endured years of harassment and didn’t know how or to whom to report it. Instead, it will become plain fairly quickly that the allegations may not be true. After all, why would the employee tolerate harassment without complaining?

The key is making sure employees know about your policy.

Recent case: Marise Bury worked as a loader for Sky Chefs, a company that provides food and beverage services for airlines. Bury, a black woman of Haitian descent, loaded beverages and food onto carts on a production line. She was frequently written up for poor performance, which was almost always followed by her own complaint that her co-workers were the ones who didn’t know how to do their jobs.

Sky Chefs provided Bury with a copy of its harassment policy...(register to read more)

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