Never tolerate co-worker sex harassment, even if harm comes from words, not deeds

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Employers have an obligation to open up jobs in all fields to qualified individuals of both sexes. And they must make sure women aren’t being targeted for harassment by their male co-workers.

Recent case: Tiffany Mosby-Grant wanted to be a police officer and registered to attend a training academy.

Some police cadets had been provisionally hired as officers; they received their training free. Others, like Mosby-Grant, paid to attend the academy, hoping to enhance their credentials. Mosby-Grant gladly paid her own way, confident that she would be hired by a local police department if she passed the course and qualified to use police weapons.

She was the only woman in the course. The program started on a high note with extensive sexual harassment training.

But on the last day of training, all the cadets had to take a shooting test.  When it was Mosby-Grant’s turn, the others berated her and laughed. That, she said, caused her ...(register to read more)

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