When harassment case is on the line, be ready to prove you did everything you could to stop it

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In the ideal world, it would be easy for HR pros to prevent harassment: We’d just tell employees to treat each other with respect. And they’d do it, right?


We don’t live in an ideal world. Throw in issues of race, and the picture often looks decidedly imperfect. In diverse workforces, prejudice (or misunderstanding) can simmer … until it boils over.

Employers have an obligation to try to prevent harassment when it erupts. But courts often give an “A” for effort. They won’t measure your efforts solely by whether your prevention strategy worked.

As long as an employer takes reasonable steps, it won’t be liable for preventing co-worker harassment as long as that harassment is dealt with once it occurs.

Recent case: Jeneka Peace-Wickham, who is black, took a job as a café supervisor, replacing a white employee who had allegedly been fired for engaging in a work stoppage. Peace-Wickham later came to believe the firing igni...(register to read more)

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