When religion is crux of workplace problems, base discipline on behavior–not belief

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Warn managers and supervisors: They must not refer to an employee’s religious beliefs when taking any adverse employment action. That’s true even if the decision being discussed involves a dispute over a religious accommodation.

Recent case: Daniel and Mary Dixon were a husband and wife team who worked for a rental apartment complex as the maintenance manager and renting agent. The Dixons are Christians who believe that removing religious references from public areas is anti-Christian.

Mary Dixon kept a painting on the rental office wall that included flowers and a caption that read “remember the Lilies … Matthew 6:28.”

One day, a supervisor arrived at the rental office ahead of a federal inspection and noticed the painting for the first time. She asked Mary Dixon if the caption was a biblical reference, and was informed it was. The supervisor then ordered her to remove the painting immediately.

Mary initially refused, and a...(register to read more)

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