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Spot supervisors’ hidden bias by monitoring daily stream of info flowing into HR

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Human Resources,Leaders & Managers,Management Training

Is a tendency toward discrimination hiding within your management ranks? If so, you may be courting real trouble. You need to ferret it out as soon as possible.

But how? Obviously, few supervisors will openly advertise their bias. But you may be able to spot it in the reams of information that routinely flows into HR. First and most obvious are employee complaints. But you probably already investigate those carefully.

Another tactic is to look at each supervisor’s subordinate staff. Do the applicants those supervisors recommend for promotion reflect the local or regional workforce in terms of race, gender and other protected characteristics? Or does a supervisor frequently recommend applicants who share the supervisor’s characteristics? Is that true for the supervisor’s colleagues? Any of those can be a red flag indicating a real problem.

Recent case: Archie Thompson worked as the first and only black full-time paramedic in ...(register to read more)

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