Show good-faith ADA accommodation effort by documenting interaction with employee

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Employers and disabled employees both have an obligation to act like adults when coming up with possible reasonable accommodations. Each side has to listen to the other and consider different viewpoints and potential accommodations. Neither party should walk away in a huff.

Be smart: Carefully track the accommodations process. Someday, a court may have to decide if you were properly engaged in the accommodations process. You can show that good faith by pinpointing where communications broke down and who walked away. Never let the court conclude you let the process wither.

Recent case: Robert Kacer has Type 1 diabetes, which requires careful regulation of his blood sugar, either by having insulin injections or eating food to raise the sugar level. He works for the U.S. Postal Service as an electronics technician.

The trouble began when Kacer refused to install computer cable. Kacer thought the task wasn’t in his job descripti...(register to read more)

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