Make sure you ask for FMLA certification each time employee says she needs leave

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Employees have the right to take up to 12 weeks of FMLA leave to deal with a serious health condition, provided they meet the law’s length-of-service and hours-worked requirements.

If an employer wants to challenge a request for FMLA leave, it must give the employee 15 days to get a medical certification showing she has a serious health condition. Until the employer makes the request, the 15-day period doesn’t start running.

Disciplining or firing the employee before the time is up will most likely be considered an FMLA violation if it turns out the employee really did have a serious health condition.

That is why it’s crucial to create a system that tracks FMLA requests, documents that the employee was informed of her rights and understands she has 15 days to get a medical certification.

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