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Invest a little in harassment training upfront to avoid sky-high litigation costs later

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Employment Law,Human Resources

If you do nothing else during training sessions, at least impress upon supervisors and managers the costly mess that can result if they allow any sort of harassment or retaliation in their departments.

And remind them that it doesn’t matter if employee complaints fail to stand up in court. Even if you win a harassment or retaliation lawsuit, you will have spent countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars defending against accusations that should never have surfaced in the first place.

Recent case: Jane Caldwell went to work for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). There, she quickly discovered what she considered sexism and sexual harassment. For example, sometimes suggestive e-mail printouts would appear on her office chair while she was away. Other times, a male colleague would sit in her office, wearing bright yellow short shorts that gave her a view she would rather not have had to take in.

Caldwell and severa...(register to read more)

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