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The HR I.Q. Test: February ’10

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1. OSHA has announced that it will soon require employers to track what kind of workplace injuries?

    a. Repetitive-stress ergonomic injuries
    b. Stress-related “mental injuries”
    c. “BlackBerry thumb” strains

2. In 2008, only 19% of eligible ex-workers enrolled in their former employers’ COBRA plan. Since the new 65% subsidy took effect last March, that percentage has risen to:

    a. 29%    b. 39%    c. 59%

3. The recession led 30% of employers to freeze salaries across the board in 2009. What percentage are planning across-the-board freezes in 2010?

    a. 14%    b. 24%    c. 34%

4. In a new study, 45% of women but only 26% of men agreed with the statement that:

    a. Men work at a slower place than women
    b. Women have to be better than me to succeed in the workplace
    c. Personal fulfillment is the most important aspect of a job

5. A new law signed by President Obama in December says federal contractors can no longer receive contracts above $1 million if they:

    a. Fail to file a new BHO-44 form
    b. Have lost a discrimination or overtime lawsuit in the past 12 months
    c. Require employees to arbitrate certain job-discrimination claims

Sources: 1. OSHA; 2. Hewitt survey; 3. Mercer survey; 4. Cisco/Gender IQ survey; 5. 2010 Defense Appropriations Act

Answers: 1. a.  2. b  3. a  4. b  5. c

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