Discovered poor work while employee was on military leave? Go ahead and discipline

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Employees returning from military service are entitled to come back to their old jobs, and they have other limited job protections, too.

But those protections don’t mean employers can never discipline or demote employees who have been serving in the armed forces. Just make absolutely sure you’re doing so for legitimate business reasons, such as documented poor performance.

As the following case shows, demoting an employee who recently returned from active duty is possible, even if you only discovered his poor performance while he was serving his country.

Recent case: Andrew Jones worked as director of rehabilitation sales for Handi Medical Supply. He was also a second lieutenant in the Army Reserve.

When Jones’ unit was activated, he told Handi he had orders requiring him to serve on active duty for several months. He asked for military leave. The company approved his request and even lent him $4,000 to cover ...(register to read more)

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