Misconceptions about disabled employee’s medical condition can spell ADA trouble

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Many medical conditions aren’t disabling, so they don’t qualify for protection under the ADA. That’s because they don’t actually impair a major life activity like walking, breathing, taking care of oneself or working.

But sometimes employers mistakenly believe that a medical condition is disabling when it’s not. If they express those beliefs, they may make themselves vulnerable to a “regarded as disabled” lawsuit.

That’s why it’s important for HR professionals to explain to managers that every employee who claims a disability must be evaluated on an individualized basis.

Managers should assume that the employee is capable of doing her job unless there is clear evidence to the contrary.

Recent case: Stephanie Chappell was hired as a teacher with the Butterfield-Odin School District. Chappell has epilepsy and has had occasional seizures since she was a teenager.

Her first few weeks went well except when som...(register to read more)

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