Handle supervisor harassment with a good policy, timely investigation and independent review

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It’s one of the toughest HR problems: Handling a sexual harassment claim when the alleged harasser is a supervisor. That’s because employers are strictly liable for harassment by management employees if the victim can show she was harassed and then discharged, demoted or had her working conditions change for the worse.

But all is not lost. With proper planning, you can minimize the liability risk. Here’s how:

1. First, you need a solid sexual harassment policy—one that employees know about and understand that they should use whenever they believe they may be experiencing harassment. Explain that they should contact HR (or whoever handles harassment cases) sooner rather than later, so you can stop the conduct before it gets out of hand.

2. Second, you need to make sure you quickly and thoroughly investigate and resolve all complaints. That means taking appropriate disciplinary or corrective action against the haras...(register to read more)

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