Must we grant leave for employees to attend meetings at their kids’ schools?

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Q. Are we obligated to provide paid leave so one of our employees can attend a mandatory school meeting concerning his child?

A. There is no requirement to provide paid leave. However, North Carolina law allows employees to take up to four hours of unpaid leave to be involved in school activities.

The Leave for Parent Involvement in Schools law (N.C.G.S. § 95-28.3) provides this benefit for parents, guardians and persons standing in loco parentis of school-age children. It also prohibits employers from taking adverse action against an employee for requesting or taking such leave.

In addition, if an employee’s child has a serious health condition that will be discussed, the meeting may be covered by the FMLA. That could happen, for example, if the student is receiving special education instruction or is experiencing school problems due to a learning disability.

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