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What should we consider as we implement a community service evaluation measure?

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in Leaders & Managers,Performance Reviews

Q. Our CEO just implemented a new employee evaluation goal that calls for employees to do charitable volunteer work throughout the year. The more they volunteer, the higher the points they receive on their review, ultimately increasing their salaries. Can we do this without risk?

In implementing such a program, you’ll need to set up a system to determine what sorts of volunteer opportunities will qualify, and how you will validate them. Will the volunteering need to be associated with a formal organization? Will you provide a list of “approved” organizations to employees in advance?

Be sure you don’t discriminate against (or in favor of) certain volunteering opportunities. For example, do not include a requirement that it be church or faith-based. Don’t prohibit faith-based volunteerism, either.

Another issue to consider: What if an employee wants to volunteer for an organization with political views your organization doesn’t want to be associated with, let alone reward?

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