Review privacy and surveillance policies in light of new California Supreme Court ruling

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The California Supreme Court has ruled in a case involving video camera surveillance and employee privacy rights. The court said employees do indeed have a right to considerable privacy at work, but that in this particular case the employer had acted reasonably and limited the surveillance to what was necessary under the circumstances.

Recent case: Abigail Hernandez and Maria-Jose Lopez worked as clerical staff at the Hillsides Children Center, a private nonprofit residential facility for neglected and abused children.

The two women shared an office with a computer linked to the Internet. Both women later explained that they would sometimes lock the door in order to change clothes before leaving for the day, and that on one occasion, one of the women had shown the other her post-pregnancy figure.

Hillsides employed an IT staff and discovered that someone had been accessing the Internet and viewing pornography after...(register to read more)

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