7 free web resources that instantly improve your marketing, security and productivity

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Remember the Yellow Pages slogan “Let your fingers do the walking"? Well, forget walking! Instead, check out these web sites that let your fingers do the digging, prospecting and streamlining to help your business grow.

1. See what’s new at all your social networking sites

Business networking is a great business-building tool, but it takes time and effort to check individual updates at Facebook, LinkedIn and your other communities. Save time with Flock, Mozilla’s social web browser that gives you one view of updates on all your favorite people and content from all your favorite sites. www.flock.com

2. Get the latest on any person or topic

Google Alerts will notify you automatically any time Google’s search engine picks up new information about a particular person, business or industry topic. It’s great for keeping tabs and creating opportunities to touch base with clients or prospects. www.GoogleAlerts.com 

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