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When firing follows harassment, watch out! You could be facing a retaliation lawsuit

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Employment Law,Firing,HR Management,Human Resources

Many sexual harassment complaints turn out to be much ado about very little. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can close the case and forget about the whole thing.

That can be especially dangerous if the person about whom the complaint was made is a supervisor who still has authority over the employee who complained. That puts the alleged harasser in a position where he could potentially retaliate against the employee.

Note: Remember, employees can win a retaliation case even if the alleged harassment they were complaining about doesn’t meet the legal definition of harassment.

Here’s how to handle the aftermath of a closed harassment complaint: First, take steps to ensure that any questionable conduct stops immediately. That way, a small problem doesn’t mushroom into a real case of sexual harassment. Next, go slowly whenever the alleged harasser suggests any adverse employment action (for example, firing or demo...(register to read more)

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